Lancashire Dealmakers Awards 9/2/2012

10 Feb

Picture by David Lake

I joke that these awards give me that occasion to walk out at Ewood Park to applause, a lifetime’s ambition. But opening with jokes isn’t the best idea. I found that out last night. I had a well written script, good information, detail on the awards and I really know who is who. But I’m no Gyles Brandreth. He can do the jokes to warm everyone up – I bring something else. I suppose it’s what I brought with the script last week to his script at the South East event.

The awards went well, but it wasn’t a rip roaring raucous affair – serious, but warm. It’s highlighted by the above award, The Flat Cap Award – a personality award which always goes down well.

There were 160 at the event. It’s a friendly occasion, lots of friends renewing connections. I ended on a poem, something I was quite pleased with as it gave something of me, my style and my strengths.

Coverage of the awards is here.

And my joke? I told the story of how I was stumped for something to say when I met the Prime Minister – ask me anything he said, so I asked: “What does swan taste like?” I know.


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