Warrington Economic Forum – 28 February 2012

29 Feb

picture of Warrington panel by David Lake

I’ve mentioned the “town hall meeting” style of events already this year. This was the third and drew in the best elements of the previous two in Wigan and Manchester. The panel was mainly private sector – so there was a great deal of common sense honesty and hard headed realism. The two opening speakers were quite a refreshing contrast to their types – a politician, Councillor Terry O’Neill, who spoke briefly and a property developer, Matt Crompton, who thought about the bigger picture.

The question and answer session was busy and lively. The trick with events like this with a big panel, was not to ask each panel member to answer each question, but to select who can take the debate on to the next level of understanding. If I’ve got one regret it’s that we were all white guys in ties.

The Insider coverage of the event is here.


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