Media Masterclass – 23/3/2012

30 Mar

Heather, Jim, me and Gareth

Growing a business requires important attention to how that business is understood by the outside world – it remains vitally important for businesses to engage with the media, despite everything you may have read about the decline of traditional channels. It was in this context that I delivered a “masterclass” for management consultancy Winning Pitch, creators of the High Growth Foundation. The 40 or so attendees were all small business owners, so I had to pitch it quite broad.

I spoke for about two and a half hours in total, taking a break coffee, but tried to be interactive and conversational. The feedback has been excellent – I feel really humbled by it. I always brief speakers at events to focus on what they know and to give something of themselves. I suppose I put this into action myself at this event. I don’t think there’s anything magical about what I said, it just happens to be a collection of stories, observations from my experience that I tried to give to the paying guests.

It helped too that three of the people there were friends I recently went on a Learning Journey to California with (pictured above are Heather Lomas, Jim Clarke, me and Gareth Burton).

I enjoyed it enormously and would love to do more of these sessions – there are plenty of stories, hints, tips and insights that could really help a business get a better media profile.



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