The Talk of Manchester – coming soon

10 Apr

A lot of the more successful business and corporate events in the North West have the official backing of a media title. Sometimes it is a publication itself that is staging the event. On other occasions, the publication is a media ‘partner’. In either situation, publicity is guaranteed in at least one title, because it has a vested interest.

There’s an event coming up soon called the Talk of Manchester which doesn’t have a media partner and so it’s interesting exercise in event promotion to see how it has promoted itself and sold tickets without relying on that kind of relationship.

The line-up certainly helps. Excellent speakers like Michael Finnigan (pictured above, right) and Michelle Mone have a broad appeal and, media partner or not, journalists do want to speak to them. The Talk of Manchester team has made the most of this and interviews with Michelle in particular have acted as important pre-publicity for the event.

Tickets have been sold on the back of the subsequent press coverage, but it’s in social media, away from the printed page, that the event has really made a name for itself. It quickly built up a twitter following and the organisers have encouraged conversation on its own Linkedin pages and by reaching out to other relevant Linkedin groups that interest the North West business community.

Extending its reach further, The Talk of Manchester has attracted the support of a whole range of online influencers. It has featured in personal and business blogs (this is another!) and on the websites of some of the region’s most influential networking groups. It regularly appears in these groups’ twitter streams too.

And, going back to the quality of the line-up, the individual members of the Question Time panel are playing a big role in the build-up. Phil Jones, Marc Duschenes, Jennie Johnson, Tim Bacon and Gary Chaplin will all feature on the panel and the fact that most of them have tweeted that news to their long list of followers will have really helped spread the message about the event.

I’m hosting the Question Time panel on the day and I’m told there are still a few tickets left. If you visit you can find out more.


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