Business North West – day one

17 Apr

Gareth Burton and Michael Taylor at Business North West

The Business North West exhibition has arrived in Manchester today. Insider has arranged to be a media partner of the event and these partnerships are always about making a contribution that adds value.

With that in mind I agreed to programme and present three short sessions in an area of the event called the Insider Innovation Zone.

The first one was brilliant – but that brilliance had little to do with me. It basically involved me and Gareth Burton leading a discussion on our recent Learning Journey to Silicon Valley. The best speakers at events, the best talkers, the ones you remember are rarely the slick and polished power point salesmen. No, they are the ‘from-the-heart’ tell it straight, honest storytellers. If you read any of the accounts from our trip that passion burns through. So it did with Gareth today – the lessons he learned, the funny moments as well as the serious pieces of analysis.

Post event mingling at Business North West

The second session at 5.35 saw five really good, very senior, corporate finance guys explain how much money they have to invest. I’ve worked with all of them on panels and conferences before and they are all funny, wise, smart and knowledgeable. What could go wrong. Honestly? The audience was a little below their investment levels, I think. The questions were basic and some even a touch naive. Nothing wrong with that, these guys have to talk to all kinds of businesses, it’s how they make their returns. But I would guess the most productive discussions came at the end – where the serious entrepreneurs could have an intimate one-to-one chat. That’s how it works sometimes and that’s why I wrapped things up with 10 minutes to spare.



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