Insider Business of Property 17/5/2012

19 May

I hosted two sessions at this half-day property conference. The first was a panel debate on the top table, the second was a conversation with two chief execs of local authorities. 

I much prefer the latter format – it adds an informality and a conversational dimension to an event. Sat at a top table and delivering answers to questions might work for political debate, but when the discourse of the business event is so consensual, it can stifle opinion and create distance.

Another factor in this event was the need for positivity. Impressed as I was by the hard data at the DTZ event earlier in the week – the lack of questions may also have been due to the downbeat conclusions. The starting point therefore was, OK, different world, not much funding, but hey, what is to be done? Instead of driving to Abersoch and staying there for 4 years until the economy picks up.

The other presentations were from local authority people selling their towns. It’s important to link between sessions at conferences, to provide a mental bridge from one concept to another – it was useful then to introduce their likely strategies in the panel session before and to pull some thread together in the conversation afterwards.


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