It’s Only a Game?- 19/6/2012

19 Jun
Downtown Preston Football debate

Downtown Preston Football debate, Richard Flash. Rob Heys, John Booth, Michael Taylor and Daniel Milnes.

This was a breakfast event at Preston North End Football Club as part of Downtown Lancashire’s Business Week.

The brief was to talk about football, but not about the actual game. Football has become a unique industry with an unparalleled global appeal. The business of football however is complex, yielding billions, yet harbouring astronomical debts. Team loyalty remains a constant despite a fluctuating league table and sales of team merchandise are at an all time high…

My job was to ask the experts about the current state of what essentially is a social pastime… or is it?

I chaired a panel debate and tried to suppress all my latent anger and despair about how my football cub has been pillaged by Venky’s. We had a terrific burst of common sense from the panel – Daniel Milnes from Forbes, Rob Heys from Accrington Stanley, Richard Flash from UCFB, the new university of football at Burnley Football Club and John Booth from Sports Global, who made some timely comments about the scale of the football industry beyond the Premier League.

We ended up going way over the time allocated as everyone seemed to be enjoying it so much.


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