City Session with Mike Emmerich 2 July 2012

4 Jul

Thinking time outside Mr Thomas’s Chop House

For the second time this  year I interviewed Mike Emmerich, chief executive, New Economy, this time at Mr Thomas’s Chop House (Pictured) in an evening City Session for the Manchester city centre management company CityCo. I’ve got to know Mike quite well and so there is a risk that our conversation can come across as glib and familiar. Mindful of that, I was determined to give the audience some insights our friendship allowed, and without betraying any confidences.

I asked Mike about Manchester’s economic and social roots – how his own story and parentage contributes to his understanding. He then told a story. The audience all seemed to stare in fascination as if to say, “wow, I never knew that about him.”

And do you know what it was? That would be telling. Chatham House Rules, you see. You really had to be there.

The next one is with architect Ian Simpson on September the 11th.


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