The Agenda – 3 July 2012

4 Jul

Nicky Campbell and Laura Wolfe

This was effectively the launch of my new business Think More. In partnership with Journey9 and the leading speaker agency, JLA, the Lowry Hotel, it really was a very bold event attended by 100 specially invited guests who heard four inspiring speakers sharing their stories.  AV and production was provided and managed by Project Eventus.

The evening was a unique chance for senior decision-makers and conference organisers to preview speakers who can help inform, inspire and galvanise audiences. With a line-up featuring broadcaster Nicky Campbell (pictured, above with Laura Wolfe from Journey9), Will Butler-Adams of Brompton Bicycle Company, Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller, former Head of MI5 and Wilfred Emanuel-Jones, founder, ‘The Black Farmer’, The Agenda focused on key messages for business both big and small.

If there was a unifying theme from them all it was that all the speakers at The Agenda all communicated something unique and personal about the risks they have taken and the leaps of faith they have taken.

At the risk of sounding grand – it embodied our shared vision to raise the bar of quality on events – to get people out of their comfort zones to think more about their businesses and their lives. You can’t beat the buzz of an inspired audience.

A personal career high came in the Q&A afterwards. I directed a question to Eliza: “Is there something you know, that we can’t know, that if we did know, we’d think better of our political leaders?” She paused, Nicky Campbell nodded and said: “what a great question.”

I honestly can’t remember the answer.

The blog and the Twitter feed for the event are here.


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