Seven pillars of Silicon Valley wisdom

19 Jul

Can a culture of innovation, iteration, risk taking and sharing be created in Manchester, making it as vibrant as Silicon Valley? At this Downtown Manchester Leader’s Lunch at Restaurant Bar and Grill I shared some tales from my recent visit to Silicon Valley and, along with my good friend and trusted co-presenter Gareth Burton, we shared our Seven Pillars of Silicon Valley wisdom.

They are:


This is the fourth public event where I’ve talked about the incredible Learning Journey we went on. Add to that numerous radio and television interviews, magazine articles and me generally talking about the people and places we encountered.

We deliberately left the seventh pillar blank. For us it’s something almost indescribable. It’s action, just getting on with it, putting the business books down, not dotting every I and crossing every t in a business plan and finding an excuse not to do something.

It’s what Gareth says is not a “can do” attitude, but a “do” attitude. If you believe that Silicon Valley is just a load of kids in hoodies having fun and skateboarding round the technology campus at Google or Facebook, then you’re deluded. These are highly motivated, very intelligent and rigorously managed people. The hunger for measurement and performance is tightly linked to the goal of incredible success.

Some of the conversations amongst the 50 plus paying guests related to how we can make this culture shift in Manchester. Are we dreaming? Is this madness, or actually are the wheels in motion. It was an event full of energy and ideas and we started conversations that could really motor and start connections in Manchester.


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