The future of the media – FBE breakfast 12 July 2012

19 Jul

I was invited to speak to the Forum for the Built Environment in Liverpool – a really active group for professional people in construction, property and civil engineering. The purpose was to give them a glimpse of a different industry – media – explain a few key trends that are going on – and show how they can adapt their own media and marketing strategies to take all of that into account.

On balance I probably overdid it on the slides – there are way too many and I had to rush the ending. But I don’t tend to linger on them for long, they are visual props rather than things to read.

I genuinely believe you can get across most messages in a 15 minutes presentation – then leave more time and pre-prepare for any amount of questions on further detailed points. to put it another way, let the audience dictate the content.

The other new issue of this event was the quality of the technology at the venue. There was a projector that didn’t work and neither of my laptops would connect to what we had. Luckily the very resourceful Phil Laycock of the FBE had a projector and a laptop in his car, otherwise it would have been a different kind of presentation. It reminded me how much I’ve been used to having a team who make these things work, or I’ve run a show with my own team sorting out the logistics. Sometimes you take a walk in dark.

Anyway, it all seemed to go well. Below is what they said on the FBE website – and I’m delighted that I’ve been contacted for further opportunities to talk to businesses in more detail.

“There were 50 people in Liverpool this morning to hear from Michael Taylor the former Editor of Insider magazine. Michael has worked closely with fbe over the last few years and is a well known figure in the north west. His views on the ‘Changing face of the media’ were very interesting and captivated the audience for 45 mins followed by an equally engaging Q&A. A copy of Michael’s presentation can be found here.”


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