City Session with Ian Simpson 11 September 2012

14 Sep

Interviewing architect Ian Simpson, September 2012

The second City Session I hosted was an interview with Manchester’s eminent architect, Ian Simpson. The bright spark event organiser, Siobhan McGoff from CityCo, turned the room at Marks & Clerks around so that our backdrop featured Ian’s best known work – the Beetham Tower – where he also lives.

He was on excellent form. I asked him a range of questions about his upbringing, his personal style, what it is like to work in different cities, how Manchester compares. Sounds good? Still interested? Yes, I also asked him to clear up some myths about himself and to tells us all what he really thinks about certain councils and developers.

I opened it to questions from the 50 strong audience of city centre businesses. They were very smart and challenging interjections.

Why am I not telling you the answers and replies? Chatham House rules again. You really had to be there. They apply on Twitter too.


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