Private sessions for private clients

26 Sep

You may have noticed some gaps in here. You may have concluded that things have dried up for me on the events side. I am happy to reassure you that they have not. I’ve done talks and sessions at a number of events through the summer for private clients. I can’t say who they are, what they were about, what their people got out of them or what was discussed. Some were very small and very interactive and involved me doing what is often called “media training” but that barely scratches the surface to be honest.

For one of them I’ve even signed a detailed Non Disclosure Agreement, such was the sensitivity over the products I was working with the team on. It involved engaging with over 200 people in a team and setting them an exercise for the day. I then went back the next day to present the results and give them feedback.

I have enjoyed these sessions, there’s a different level of challenge involved. There’s certainly a lot of thinking on my feet required and making sure the audience are sufficiently excited and inspired. Often though, I’m part of a delivery team with their own skills and complex technology to deliver to a client.


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