Drivers Jonas Deloitte Crane Survey 3/10/2012

11 Oct
MT with Simon Bedford of Drivers Jonas Deloitte

MT with Simon Bedford of Drivers Jonas Deloitte

The team at Drivers Jonas Deloitte are  super bright. They are very good at spotting trends and very thorough on advocacy for their planning clients. They were desperately keen to present their economic data in a positive light and look for genuine areas of encouragement for the 200 plus people in the property industry on a cold bright morning at the Lowry Hotel. On the day my job was to orchestrate a discussion, but beforehand it was to point them in the right direction and make some staging decisions – they all worked very well.

Simon Bedford, who is pictured with me , is confident and has a very easy delivery style. His colleague Michele Steel hasn’t done as much of this as him. I’m always a bit more impressed by a clever woman presenting well in a male dominated world. I don’t want that to sound in any way patronising – and I know nothing of what it may be like in such a situation. But I thought she was excellent.

As Simon was doing the introductions, it left me with little more to do than a short welcome and point out the safety notices. As I was then hosting a discussion much later it was also an opportunity to get the audience to connect with my personal style. Now, I don’t tell jokes. Nor do I want to try and be overly chummy with my hosts. So, on this occasion I opted to remind everyone that the Borussia Dortmund team was in the hotel and read out a message for any of them that may have stranded into the room in pursuit of a hearty breakfast.

“Willkommen in Manchester, aber du bist im falschen Zimmer.”

Bet you didn’t know I spoke German.


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