SmartCity conference with Downtown 16/11/12

10 Dec

8188863410_e03a64b605_oThere’s something special about the energy at a Downtown event. Not only because of the levels of engagement and the quality of the speakers Frank McKenna and the team pull together, but a real sense of a team working tightly together to deliver a quality experience.

Not only was there a full programme for the morning, but there was also an exhibition area for people to mingle and talk in between things.

As I said on my blog reflecting the event – it was “an amazingly thought provoking day. It  provided members with ideas and connections. But it also gave all of us a wake up call that there is still much to do.”

There are a great gallery of images from the SmartCity event, which seem to capture the excitement of the day. You may notice that some sessions seemed sparsely attended, that’s because we ran the later sessions concurrently – the audience switching sessions and the hosts repeating the session all over again. It seemed to work.

It was also a real pleasure to work with Jim Hancock as the overall chair for the day. Being on your feet all day and hosting, chairing and interviewing can take it out of you, so to have Jim do the chairing for the day gave me and Frank a chance to refresh and regroup while Jim held the event together.


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