ICAEW conferences for SMEs – November 2012

10 Dec
A mix of speakers, panellists and ICAEW folk

A mix of speakers, panellists and ICAEW folk

Throughout the year I’ve been programming and preparing to host two conferences for the Institute of Chartered Accountants England and Wales in November of this year. We sorted out the keynote talks some time ago, Michael Izza from the Institute did the London one and my contact Barry Nightingale did the Manchester session a few weeks later.

Both conferences went off really well – we decided early on to change the pace of the discussions – to mix up longer educational presentations with panel sessions, one-on-one interviews and Q&As with the audience.

Knowing the subject matter and knowing the people who are speaking comes into its own at events like this. I spent a fair amount of time visiting people, talking them through how we could run the event, and what I needed from them. We still found ourselves with speakers dropping out in the days leading up to the event. I don’t ever like to be in this position, but I do think I can help salvage these situations by asking contacts and friends to help out at relatively short notice.

It’s also great working with the events and commercial team at the ICAEW, they really help their sponsors to get value and work with them to hone their messages – rather than just advertise and sell. And, being accountants, they measure everything. It’s great to see such thorough and detailed analysis of customer response, purchasing, sponsor engagement and marketing effectiveness. A great team to work with.


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