Talk Social – 8th of February 2013

10 Feb

Talk Social

The panel at the Talk Social event at the Lowry Hotel on the 8th of February, picture by Richard Venables.

I was suitably inspired by Martin Vander Weyer’s turn of verse at the previous event. So, I summed up the morning of debate at the Talk Social event with a rhyme of my own. I hope it gets across something of the day. The hashtag talksocial sums things up very well.

Putting social into talk

There was a bomb alert on Portland Street,

I read that on a GMP Tweet,

It’s the channel they use most round our way,

But it needs to be updated three times a day,

The worst you can do is saying nowt,

Or worse still, kicking the interns out,

When they run your Twitter, or your Facebook page,

They’ll soon use that as an outlet of rage,

But measuring this stuff is an expensive art,

How does CAT translate to the shopping cart?

But if there’s one clear message from here at Dearman’s Walk,

It’s that social media is social, and it’s good to talk.



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