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Lord Andrew Adonis – interview for Downtown 26 April 2013

28 Apr
Me with Lord Andrew Adonis

Me with Lord Andrew Adonis

I’ve mentioned a few times how I prepare for interviews, and how I like to make the subject comfortable and the audience engaged. I tried a new technique at this event. I listed a series of questions I was going to ask him if the audience weren’t forthcoming. This served two purposes as well as the obvious and literal one of getting sensible relevant questions. But my possibles all contained some biographical knowledge about him. The questions were of a slightly impertinent and gossipy character – give us an example of a Blair-Brown row, David Miliband and Ed, writing for the FT, switching from the LibDems to Labour. They were intended to get people thinking about him and what he was all about and was a nice alternative to reading out his biography. The fact that I could have reverted to them hopefully made him feel I was reasonably well informed and interested in him. They also reminded the audience that the very fact I didn’t just go off on a biographical whimsy and talked about relevant issues to Manchester, education and transport showed that I was serious.

A blog about the actual event is here on my Downtown Chairman’s blog.