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Daisy Wired 2014

11 May

Daisy Wired 2014

Live coverage of an event is increasingly seen as a core part of its purpose. I worked on Daisy Group’s Wired 2014 conference and the live feed provided by Andy Frost and Geoff Hoyle was an incredible part of the service.


European Parliament hustings debate

2 May

BmifxubIMAAtfh2Isn’t it a savage irony that the only subject that really got us animated at a European hustings debate I chaired this week was UKIP. And their candidate was a no-show (empty seat on the end).

I was asked by my client the ICAEW to chair a hustings with five candidates, the Green candidate had to leave early, which left Labour, LibDems and a Conservative who used to be a LibDem. It was liveliest when we got to talking about immigration and a possible referendum on the membership of the EU.

I’m a political anorak, I like to think I know my stuff and would like to do more political debates. But if I learnt anything from this debate it is that you need to have something to get animated about. UKIP are setting the agenda in this election. No wonder they don’t even have to turn up.